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Free Folk Music Arrangements

Below is a list of arrangements that are free to downoad.

If you then scroll downl the page it shows you how to get the best from your download and how to use the arrangements with your group.

I highly recommend using headphones or speakers as the lower parts are more often inaudible on laptop/tablet speakers.

Free downloads

Tune Style Listen
The Starlight Waltz
Played by a quartet
32 bar - Waltz
The Starlight Waltz
Full band recording
32 bar - Waltz

How to get the best from your arrangement

How to download a free arrangement

For every download you will see shopping cart buttins like these below

Add to Cart View Cart

For a free download you simply click on the 'ADD TO CART' button and it will add it free of charge.

If you are not immediately directed to the Cart, click on 'VIEW CART' and you will see your free item in the checkout.

Beneath will be a 'Free checkout' option. Click it and follow the prompts.

The Download

You will receive an email with a link to the download page. Follow the link in the email and click on the link in the download page. Once you have downloded it you will have a PDF on your hard drive of between 26, if it's a single piece, and over 150 for a 6 pack.


You will get everything! All 150 pages!

Instead, use find (ctrl+f or cmd+f) within your PDF reader/viewer and type the part you want to print. Below is a list of parts as they appear at the top of the pages in the parts.

List of parts

Part 1

All part 1s are in Treble Clef

Part 1 in C

Violin, Flute, Recorders in C, Concertina

Part is scored for violin as it often takes the lead in folk groups. This part does not go below the treble stave (C4).

Part 2

Part 2 in C - Treble clef

Violin, Flute, Recorders in C, Concertina

As with Part 1, this part does not go below the treble stave (C4).

Part 2 in C - Alto clef


Simply in Alto clef for Violas. It should be borne in mind tht this part will be high and will will require a player who is good 'up the A string'.

Part 3

Part 3 in C - Bass clef

Cello, trombone, bassoon

This was written as a cello part in the score. It is playable on other concert pitch bass clef instuments depending on the ability of the player. Once you have downloaded the score you will see whether your cellist, etc should be playing Part 3 or Part 4 which is easier.

Part 3 in C - Alto clef


Simply in Alto clef for Violas. This would be the easier part for a violist to play as its lower.

Part 2 in Bb - Treble clef 8va basso

These are transposed parts normally associated with Brass and Military bands

Tenor Saxophone , Tenor Trombone, Brass Band Euphonium.

Simply in transposed Bb Treble clef.

Part 4

Part 3 in C - Bass clef 8va basso

String bass, bass guitar

This part is written for String bass og bass guitar and, as such are witten 8va basso as read by those istruments.

Part 2 in C - Bass clef

Tuba, Bassoon, Cello

This is at pitch in bass clef so would be readable by cellists and bassoonists as they do not sound their notes an octave lower than written.

Part 2 in C - Treble clef 16va basso

BBb Bass/Tuba

This is written in treble clef in Bb but played 2 octaves below witten pitch. It is a part normally associated with the BBb Bass in UK style Brass Bands.

Large print

Print size and font sizes are governed by the amount of bars in each arrangement. If a melody has different first and second time bars or a 'written out' B section then the piece will be longer overall.

I try to keep every part on a single sheet of A4 so sometimes this will mean a slightly smaller text and music size.

If you find that you need printed parts with larger print then you will need to download the appropriate part from the Tablet Support section.

Tablet support

On this page you can order a part that will work on a tablet or phone. Scroll down to see a full list of parts available.

The part will contain all of the arrangements in A4 portrait in pack order followed by the same in landscape on as few pages as possible and then in landscape with one time through each individual tune on every page for those with footpedal page turners for their devices. See example PDF

How to purchase individual Tablet parts

All tablet parts are £1.75 except the Accordion multipart which is £2.50

When you click the 'Add to cart' button a Tablet Part Credit will be added. When you compete the purchase, you will be sent an email with this voucher attached. Simply, forward the email to musicsales[at], telling me which part you require and for which set and I will mail it back to you.

I have to do it this way to keep the cost down as there are hundreds of parts and I am charged by the part for electroniclly hosting them. Sorry.

Important: Please remember that the tablet part will arrive with the email address that you used for your order printed in the top left hand corner. The part is licenced for your private use only and may not be shared. See example PDF


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