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Fairfield Rant

The Gryphon Music 'One-tet'

The "One-tet" is an expandable arrangement going from one player (The 'One-tet') up to 12-20 players although, as long as you keep the balance right in the ensemble, you could have as many as you like?

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Parts come in single instruments and some multiparts and in a variety of transpositions. The image on the right (below) shows the 4 basic parts in string quartet format. You can also see the different instruments and transpositions available to expand your ensemble below.

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If your players have the necessary ability the arrangements can also be played by a wind or brass quartet.

Tablet support

All of our scores and parts are printable in Portrait format for distribution by default.

If you need parts in either portrait or landscape format for viewing on tablets please see the information on our Tablet Support page. Don't just share the master download with all the parts as your licence does not permit you to do so. (see Licensing

What do I get in my parts

Part 1

This is the principal melody part although the other parts may take the melody from time to time. When this happens, the melody will be cued or be the same as the first time if the melody needs support.

C - Flute, recorder, violin, concertina, etc.
C - Accordion Multipart with Chords, double stopping and lower part cues
Bb - Clarinet, etc.

Part 2

This is a harmony part that usually adopts the same rhythm as the principal melody part. It may sometimes double the melody or have the lead in its own right.

C - Flute, recorder, violin, concertina, etc.
C - Accordion Multipart with Chords and double stopping
Bb - Clarinet, trumpet, etc.
Eb - Alto Sax, alto clarinet
F - Horn, Clarinet (Europe)
G - Clarinet (Europe)
C - Viola in alto clef

Part 3

This is a tenor register harmony part. It will be heard on cello in the backing tracks but is playable with occasional octave ossias on the instruments below.

It may also have the melody from time to time.

C - Cello, trombone, baritone horn
Bb - Clarinet, trombone/euphonium/horn (treble clef),
Eb - Alto Sax, alto clarinet, horn
F - Horn, Clarinet (Europe)
G - Clarinet (Europe)
C - Viola in alto clef

Part 4

The bass part. This even has the melody occasionally.

C 8va - string bass, bass guitar, etc
C - tuba (concert pitch)
BBb - tuba

Rhythm Section Parts

These make the arrangement more interesting but the arrangements all work without them.

Piano - no-frills accompaniment part for 2 hands

Guitar - chords and rhythm suggestions

Drum kit - basic part mostly for rhythmic style and start/stops

Percussion - different in each arrangement

'One-tet' short score

Below is an example of the short score for a 'One-tet' arrangement it has the four principle parts on it including any ossias for that part.

For clarity, the rhythm parts are not shown on this score view.

Click on any of the images below for full size versions of the parts showing the level of detail you can expect from your printable download.

'Banned from the moor' Book 1
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Rhythm Section parts

Piano accompaniment



Gordon playing a Uke bass at The Rugglestone Inn

Hello friend,

I earn my living as a musician so I am asking you, please, not to copy my music and distribute it for free.

The internet has become a place of 'free stuff' to such an extent that no-one really seems to care as no-one will ever know. But you will know.

As is also the way of things, these arrangements are inexpensive compared with the many hours that go into preparing them, as they will hopefully reach many people. So, if you do publish any performance or version of my work on any platform such as MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, etc. you do need to credit me as the composer and, if possible provide a link to my site.

Thank you and happy music-making


Essentially your licence enables to you to print and distribute the parts to your group of musicians. If you want to use Tablets or similar electronic devices please see out Tablet Support page.


Your download will come with your name and email address on it so if you do share it electronically everyone will know who it came from. So, when you buy an arrangement, please make sure you use an email account that all of your band already know as it will be printed on every copy along with a unique identifier.

You can print as many copies of the music as you wish. All I ask is that you distribute them to your group and not put sets in a library or any public sharing or borrowing facility.


As above, I ask that you only share the arrangements in paper form to your immediate circle of musicians. Again, if you want to use Tablets or similar electronic devices please see out Tablet Support page.

You are expressly forbidden to


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