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Gordon playing a Uke bass at The Rugglestone Inn

Hello friend,

I earn my living as a musician so I am asking you, please, not to copy my music and distribute it for free.

The internet has become a place of 'free stuff' to such an extent that no-one really seems to care because no-one will know. But you will know.

As is also the way of things, these arrangements are inexpensive compared with the hundred's of hours that go into preparing them, because they will hopefully reach many people. So, if you do publish any performance or version on MySpace or YouTube you do need to credit me as the composer and, if possible provide a link to my site.

Thank you and happy music-making


Your download

When you open it you will see the first of over 200 hundred pages. DON'T JUST PRESS PRINT! Search the document for the part you need and print that page number.

Essentially your licence enables to you to print and distribute the parts to your group of musicians. If you want to use Tablets or similar electronic devices please see out Tablet Support page.


Your download will come with your name and email address on it so if you do share it electronically everyone will know who it came from. So, when you buy an arrangement, please make sure you use an email account that all of your band already know as it will be printed on every copy along with a unique identifier.

You can print as many copies of the music as you wish. All I ask is that you distribute them to your group and not put sets in a library or any public sharing or borrowing facility.


As above, I ask that you only share the arrangements in paper form to your immediate circle of musicians. Again, if you want to use Tablets or similar electronic devices please see out Tablet Support page.

You are expressly forbidden to


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